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Cannabis in the form of pills is great for medical patients that cannot smoke or intake edibles.

Pills can come in the form of gelatin or vegan capsules.

The options range from CBD only, THC only, CBN and a balanced ratio to fit your needs.

They  are one of the newest products on the medicinal cannabis market.

They can be useful for patients as they are discrete. And can help minimize the stigma associated with medicinal cannabis consumed via vaporization or smoking.

Safe, convenient and less stigma-inducing, they seem to have it all. Encouraging, but like everything else cannabis-related. Though with some downside.

What are Capsules and Why are They Preferred by Some Users?

Because they offer an easier and more convenient method of ingesting medication compared with combustion.

They also provide patients with exact dosing information, which allows them to plan for consistent effects.

Typically, they are not cultivar-specific and are labeled by their cannabinoid contents. such as THC capsules and CBD.